The name of the blog means “dirty shoes” in Polish. They started out clean, but as we stepped over many stones and crossed rivers and meadows they did not stay that way for long. As they continue to get dirtier, we will write about the things we saw and post a picture or two. You can follow our travels here.

It is not our first trip, and hopefully not the last. Weronika and I are going nomadic. We are heading out to see the world. We are not sure when we will be back. As time and facilities allow, we will be posting updates of our adventures here.

As we visit different places far and near, we hope to write about what sights we come across, what foods we taste, the people we meet, and the adventures which we encounter. Not all of it may be interesting, as this blog is both a way of keeping in touch with family and friends as well as a personal memoir.

The trip is over, but not forgotten. Our memories are here to stay, and this blog will continue to exist as a small glimpse into the things we saw and did.

Krystian and Weronika are now in Poland. Krystian is programming and creating quality tools and applications with Koliber Services.


4 Responses to About

  1. Mir says:

    Krystian, co to za szablon WordPress’a? W sensie – jak sie nazywa? No i bardzo fajny jest ten widget do pokazywania zdjec. Mozesz tez podać nazwę? Chetnie zamontuje u siebie. Mir.

  2. krystianc says:

    Ten szablon to “Twenty Ten by the WordPress team”. Nie szukalem go za dlugo… A ten widget to nic chyba specjalnego. Jak sie uploaduje kilka zdjec to pozniej daje Ci opcje pokazac je jako “Gallery” lub “Slideshow”. Generalnie w postach wybieramy “Slideshow” na gorna prezentacje, a “Gallery” na dolna.

  3. shaneshaw says:

    Love the stories a pictures did you make this site yourself or who did it for you. I would like to make a similar site for myself. How do you do he phots and put the details of the pic in the blog.

  4. Krystian says:

    Glad you like it. The site is based on WordPress, which is a free blogging service. Just go to http://wordpress.com/ and click “Get Started”. The hardest part is taking the photos and writing the stories.

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