The Land of Massive Moustaches and Technicolor Turbans

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We are surrounded by men with massive mustaches, each bigger than the next. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but  have never seen so many grand works of facial coif in one place before. Add on top of that colorful turbans in saffron, blue, or combining a full palette of colors. We arrived in Rajastan and everything changed. On top of that, people are not as annoying, and the incessant honking has calmed down a bit. On top of that, the weather has magically cooled off and it is not even raining! Is this still India?

We were in Bundi, a small town in Rajastan. It has a big ruined fort, a castle, beautiful pastel blue haveli houses, and an assortment of monkeys to add a little fun touch to an otherwise idyllic place. We decided to slow things down a bit and took our time seeing this town. We relaxed and lounged around more than usual. Mr. Sathi’s amazing saffron lassis were the icing on the cake.

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