Terracotta Temples of Bishnupur

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India, or should I say Indians, are wearing on me. You ask for directions, and everyone gives you an answer. Unfortunately, many of them do not know the way, and instead of saying “I don’t know” or doing the stupid head wobble they make something up on the spot. I was interrupted incessantly while reading a book to answer your standard “What country? How old? Like India?” questions. I understand you are excited to meet a foreigner, but I was also excited to get into a book on a long and hot bus journey. There is the constant idiotic honking which is brought to new levels which in the end serve no purpose whatsoever except to shred everyone’s nerves. There are also memories of the rudeness they exhibit when we met them traveling in earlier countries. And finally, lest not forget the very helpful man who caused us to end up in 2nd class sleeper for a night long trip. Maybe it is the heat and the long and tiring journeys making me grouchy.

Bishnupur was just a day stop along the route from Kolkata to Veranasi. We toured the terracotta temples and took in the small town atmosphere. It was hot, but the temples were beautiful. It was also nice to be out of a city and away from the constant honking.

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