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We arrived exhausted in New Town, on the periphery of Kolkata. We met with Avneesh, our Couchsurfing host who would be housing us for our two nights in the second largest city in India.

We took it easy here. After sleeping through the first half of the day in order to make up for the sleepless night in a 2nd class train seat, we headed into the city. We strolled the streets and visited the Victoria Memorial.

We spent a lot of time with Avneesh. He was really nice and we spent a lot of time talking about India and being educated about its many eccentricities. Avneesh also shared our love for food, which led us to visit some excellent West Bengali restaurants and let the food put great big smiles on our faces.

The love affair between Indians and their car (or motorcycle) horn is second to none. I thought that in Indonesia or in Vietnam people blared their horn a lot, but Indians take it to a whole new level. In the city, there is constant blaring of the horn. An average driver, I estimate, spends about 20% of his time behind the wheel honking. It serves no purpose. We tried hard to see what caused Indians to honk, but could not find a set answer. In general, as long as there is a car in front of them, Indians will blare their horn.

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