Underwater Cabbage Patch

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Weronika and I went scuba diving. What a difference! While the snorkeling was OK, a few more meters of water makes quite a difference. Apparently the dynamite fishermen were not able to strike in the places where we went diving, and the underwater landscapes were colorful, vivid, and mesmerizing.

We saw a lot of coral, little christmas tree worms, big star puffer fish, strange looking alligator fish, and many psychedelically colored nudibranch sea slugs. It was some very nice diving indeed.

The highlight was the cabbage coral. It was a big patch of coral, and as the name suggests, they look like cabbage. All around were schools of fish, and in the middle sat a lone gigantic star puffer. It felt like a dream swimming through this landscape.

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2 Responses to Underwater Cabbage Patch

  1. Kasia says:

    wow swietne zdjecia, czy to ten canon tak daje rade?? Jestem pod wrazeniem swiata podwodnego!! I bardzo zazdrosze! PS pozniejsze zdjecia tez zapierajace dech w piersiach – swietne zachody slonca i plaze aaaaa chce na Filipiny!! Buziaki, pozdrawiam i sciskam!

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