Boracay: A Beach Paradise

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The white beach sand stretches for a few kilometers on the wayward side of the elongated island. The beach is wide enough to make room for everyone. The water is calm and warm and radiates in brilliant azure. The sunsets are legendary, and no, it is not the camera playing tricks with the colors.

To get off the firm ground for a while, we took an outrigger sailboat for a run around the island. Underwater, the sea life was brilliant, but the sun was behind a cloud and the current was strong, so the snorkeling was not as pleasant as it could have been. However, the sunset on the boat shocked us with its beauty.

We stayed a few days and lounged around in the sun. Dinner time was always an opportunity to indulge in the national past time and eat an inconvenient amount of meat at one of the numerous beachside buffet restaurants. At night, we toasted this paradise with some cold beers or Philippino rum.

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