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Templed Out in Bagan

We were blown away by Bagan. Before coming to Burma, we never heard of this wonder of the world, and even after arriving here, we did not expect it to be as phenomenal as it was. Imagine an area of … Continue reading

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Inle Lake

After our three day hike, we knew we have arrived back to civilization as no one was clamoring for our empty water bottles anymore. Inle Lake is beautifully situated, flanked on three sides by mountains. It is very much alive, … Continue reading

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Hiking the Burma Countryside

The three of us decided to hike to Inle Lake. Fifty five kilometers lay between us and our destination. We were walking to Inle Lake. We packed our day packs for the following three days, sent off our big bags … Continue reading

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Beautiful palaces, turquoise pools lined with luscious palm trees, exotic singing birds, and colorful dressed beauties wandering the streets. These are the images that the name of the city, Mandalay, evokes when first heard. Reality could not be much different. … Continue reading

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Countless Pagodas and the Golden Rock with a Golden Hat

I was off east, to Bago. This used to be one of the many capital cities of one of the old Burmese kingdoms. It is known for its large number of pagodas and shrines, which is no small feat considering … Continue reading

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More Yangon and Surroundings

Weronika and her mom were looking forward for some beach-side rest and relaxation, and headed off to Ngwe Saung. There, they twiddled their towns on a quiet beach for a few days and recharged their batteries. I was craving to … Continue reading

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Ktory Wayan jest ktory, czyli imiona na Bali

W naszej malej szescioosobowej grupie podrozniczej na Bali kazdy ma tak na prawde na imie Wayan. Jest Duzy Wayan, Gruby Wayan, Whiny Wayan, Pudel Wayan, Chili Wayan, Glosny Wayan. ( Nagroda dla tego, kto zganie kto jest kto 😉 Post … Continue reading

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