Cycling Through Historic Sukhothai

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The past week it was all about temples (and monkeys). In Sukhotai, more ruins await. Sukhothai was also the center of power for a long time. Many kings have built many temples. Nowadays, the new Sukhothai lies about 15 kilometers away from the Sukhothai Historic Park. This is where most of the ruins are found. It is a very large walled complex filled with scenic quiet paths, ponds, lakes, and canals. Ruins of various temples in different states of restoration. The atmosphere is serene, and even though it is such a major tourist attraction, at the time we were there we often felt alone. Buddha statues and brick towers are everywhere.

We once again rode around on bicycles and explored the vast area and dozens of temples. The sun beat down hard. Weronika and her mom decided they needed a break and I took off to explore some of the more outlying ruins outside of the city walls. It was a peaceful and quiet ride through the countryside. I passed small villages and many little temples, stupas, and chedis, or more often piles of bricks and dilapidated pillars. It reminded me much of the countryside around Angkor Wat, but on a smaller scale. Later, Weronika joined me and we explored some more as the sun was dropping down in the sky. The whole area is very serene and we had a great day of cycling around admiring the remains of cultures and empires of yesteryear.

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