Ayuthaya: City Among Ruins

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It’s temple time. Ayuthaya used to be the center of one of the many empires which form the history of Thailand. The city is an island formed by two rivers. Everywhere you walk there are old stone ruins.

We arrived by train late in the afternoon. By the time we settled down, washed up, and made it out onto the two it was early evening. All the ruins close by six, but after seven, the major ones are lit. They look fantastic at night. We were walking by one of the temples, Wat Ratburana, and the guard asked us whether we wanted to go in. For a few dollars, he let us in to explore. It was a great opportunity to be able to walk around these ancient ruins, all alone, in the dark, with flood light illuminating the stone.

The next day we headed out on bicycle. It is a great way to explore the city of Ayuthaya. The area is very flat and not too big, so the fixed gear bike did the job just fine. The sun did beat down on us harshly, but we took our time and saw all the major attractions. It is close to impossible to see everything. There are ruins all over the place. Even the marked ones would be hard to cover. In addition, there are surprising ruins almost around every corner. You ride around and out from behind a store you see some thirty foot crumbling brick tower with no signs. The old meets the new in one compact little island of a town.

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