Ko Chang

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Island of Elephants. Beautiful beaches, warm weather, and only a few hours away from Bangkok. It’s been a while since we soaked in the sea and sunshine. We decided that since Weronika’s mother joined us, we should hit the beach, as we had no idea when the next time would be that we would get a chance to taste salty water. Also, we had a few days to kill since our passports were in Bangkok getting Myanmar visas, so we could not get too far away from the Thai capital.

The island is big but only one side of it is developed. We managed to find a quiet bungalow resort with basic accommodations right on the beach. The crabs frolicked on the beach while we enjoyed the sunshine.

We stayed here for three days and did your basic beach things. We walked, swam around, and lounged. Nothing much in terms of excitement, but it was a nice change of pace. It gave us some time to recuperate before heading back inland into the land of temples, ruins, and hill tribes.

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