The Old Capital of Hue

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Hue is the historic capital city of Vietnam. Generations of emperors who shared the name Nguyen made this foggy and cloudy city their home. They’ve built a walled city, and inside the walled city a palace complex. Not much of that survives as the French and the Americans made it a point to blast it to pieces, but restoration work goes on.

A little outside the city are the tombs of the emperors. Tombs is somewhat of an understatements, as these are more like summer recreational complexes where the emperors would spend many of their living day. After they passed, their remains were interred in the elaborate resting places they had built for themselves.

It was cold here, but walking around, especially around the tomb complex, was very pleasant. The cloudy milky sky and the slight fog created a very appropriate atmosphere for wandering through these historical sites.

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