Windy Nha Trang Beaches

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The weather was getting cold and we were aching to get to a beach. When we arrived in Nha Trang the sun was beaming brightly and the waves were breaking furiously. The stretch of beach looked wonderful, but by the time we found a hotel, showered, ate, and were ready, the weather turned cooler and it was no longer good beach weather.

The next few days, the weather did not clear up. It was cloudy and cool and windy. The beach was not welcoming. We instead opted for the warm mud baths, which we enjoyed greatly in the cool weather. We did a lot of walking around and also took a day trip on the boat. Unsurprisingly, it was cold on the water and the trip had a surreal feel to it. Tomek and I did get sucked into the allure of snorkeling and took a dip, but the cold water and the lack of visibility did not give us any reason to stay in the water for too long.

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