A Beachy Christmas

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A beach Christmas it is. We settled into a cozy little bungalow hotel for a few days in the beach town of Sihanoukville. All eight of us were together to celebrate Christmas in a strange land. There were no sleighs, the chill in the air bottomed out at about 28 degrees Celsius, and there was not a snowflake in sight. The coldest thing we had access to was a chilled mug of Angkor beer.
During the few days here we hung out in beach side restaurants, did some scuba diving, and on the day of Christmas Eve took a day cruise to nearby islands where the sand beaches were pristine and the sun warmed everything in sight. Christmas Eve we spent together eating supper right on the beach, reminiscing about what a strange place this is to spend Christmas. Of course, we missed our families and friends which were part of so many Christmases past but could not be with us this year.
All in all it was a nice time but unfortunately we had to part ways. The girls took an early bus on Christmas day to go to Phnom Penh to catch a flight to Bangkok and then back to Poland. Ola, Paddy, Weronika and I took a later bus to Phnom Penh. Tomek and Iza wanted to get an early start on Vietnam so they took a night bus directly to Saigon. We will reunite in about a week’s time. We don’t know where out New Year’s Eve will be — somewhere in central Cambodia.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. May all your wishes come true in the upcoming year. Also, how they say here, a lot of luck to you!

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2 Responses to A Beachy Christmas

  1. Zbigniew i Małgorzata Zych says:

    Thank you for your notes!
    May this 2011 New Year bring prosperity, love, happiness, delight including further exciting journeys and adventures to all of you.
    And of course….Thank you very much for your wishes addressed to readers of your blog.
    We miss Ola and Paddy a much, but your note is the best cure for longing for them.

    Have a good time!
    Anywhere you are!

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