Bali Dreams

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Bali might as well be a different country from Indonesia. Minutes after arrival you notice the differences. Everything is a lot cleaner than in Java. Carvings, statues, and ornate gates are all over the place. Literally, almost every house has a little temple in it, peeking our above the richly decorated walls. The people are extremely friendly, nice, and helpful. The green rice paddy tarraces hypnotize newcomers and the smell of incense from offerings is ever present.

We’ve spent the past week on Bali hanging out in the touristy party and surfing city of Kuta. We went south to Ulu Watu and the surrounding beaches in search for quieter surf spots, but the waves did not cooperate. Instead, we hung out on little beaches enveloped by sheer cliffs. Along the way we saw the temples of Ulu Watu and Tempeh Lot, which were nowhere as grand as the huge complexes of Java, but were picturesquly placed on cliffs overlooking the sea. Finally, we’ve spent a few days in the Ubud art central where we got to experience the technicolor kalaidoscope of Balinese dance. Weronika and I spent a day riding around the city and surrounding villages, looking for a wood carving we’ve been wanting to buy ever since we’ve seen one we fell in love with in Montreal. We finally found it,  but it was not easy.

Now we are off to Lombok and the Gili islands, looking for some pristine beaches and good oceanside relaxation.

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One Response to Bali Dreams

  1. Kasia says:

    O WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! tylko tak mozna to opisac. wszystkie slowa zachwytu wypadaja blado:\ pozdrawiamy 🙂 :*

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