Crazy Monkeys

Normally, when I think monkeys, I think of playful creatures frolicking around, doing monkey things, eating bananas, and being cute. I was wrong.

Our first monkey adventure was in Malaysia. We hopped on motorbikes in Kuching and drove for over an hour to visit some orangutangs in their natural forest preserve. Since we missed their feeding time, the orange beasties scattered all around the woods. After walking around for over an hour through muddy jungle trails, one decided to grace us with his presence. And what did he do?

Luckily, this was a fairly well tempered monkey and besides giving us a good look at his behind, no further harm was done. We discovered the real monkey spirit in the Ulu Watu temple in Bali. Walking around the temple grounds, we saw dozens of little gray macaques scurrying around. Monkeys are a lot like children. If they want something, they simply get it. Unlike children, the macaques can jump really high, and climb your body to get whatever you are trying to keep away from them. One of these monkeys decided that I can see well enough without my glasses, jumped on my head and knocked my spectacles off my face.

Monkeys are even mean to each other. Notice how playful they are to each other.

Check out the battle scars on the one on the left.

Even the well tempered monkeys of Ubud’s Monkey Forest have their moods. This one got annoyed that Paddy had no bananas and decided not to speak to him.

To memorialize my experience with these gray little devils, I commissioned a wood carving of my experience.

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