Legendary Bromo

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When you look at a topographical map of eastern Java, you notice a huge bump. The road map confirms this, showing all the lines avoiding this mountain. This is Bromo.
We had to get up at 3:30 am to get a good view of the sunrise over the crater. It was unnatural to be waking up at this hour of the night, but we managed. The view of Bromo’s cone and the surrounding craters was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the fog and clouds kept us from appreciating the full beauty of the landscape.
The climb to the Bromo cr4ate was not too bad. The 4D dropped us off not too far away. All we had to do was cross a moonlike landscape and climb the two hundred or so stairs to the rim of the crater. The beast was blowing smoke from its gargantuan maw, like it has for the past two hundred years. The powerful hiss was easy to hear. The view of this plateau, the inside of another an old volcano, was an impressive sight as well. Overall, it was legendary.
The rest of the day we spent inside a shaky bus driving towards the Ijen plateau. Iza and Tomek decided to skip out and headed straight for Bali. I decided that more volcanoes must be seen, and hopefully we will be able to climb one or two as the trip goes on.

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