Lazy Jakarta

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The city is huge and bustling, but there is not too much to do here. Compared to the amazingly random Tuesday, the rest of our stay was pretty tame. We did a lot of walking, rode around in the crazy bejajes some more, and visited the great National Museum.
We also did some shopping, or at least tried to. We went to the Mangga Dua Mall, where we heard you can get some cheap clothes. This place is gargantuan. Imagine a bazaar with cheap clothes stalls and other nick knacks. Now imaging a football field filled with such stalls. And now imagine seven football fields stacked on top of each other in a seven story building. And that is where we ended up. Thousands of stalls selling cheap clothes… but all in Indonesian size medium, which fits a five year old quite well. Unfortunately for a guy like me, there was not a chance in hell to find something that would fit. The girls did not have too much luck either. Apparently the entire country wears the same size clothes. So we all bought ourselves $1.50 watches as a consolation prize and went home.
When I had my laundry done, a pair of shorts went missing and could not be found. Considering that this is 25% of my trouser wardrobe, it is somewhat of a big loss. However, I get much more amusement out of imagining some poor sap trying to wear them.

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