Goodbye Malaysia

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It is time to say goodbye to Malaysia. We arrived yesterday in Kota Kinabalu by boat from Brunei. This is the last place in this country before we fly to Jakarta.
Kota Kinabalu turned out to be a very lively city with a pleasant vibe in the air. We found a comfortable hostel where we settled down for a Captain Morgan and Coke, which we bought at the duty-free island of Labuan along the way from Bandar Seri Begawan. We sat around and reminisced the past month we’ve spent and pondered the adventures which lay ahead of us.
In the evening we headed out to the night market for some fresh fish. The fish were delicious and fresh. I treated myself to the largest shrimp I have ever seen. It was not cheap but this prawn dwarfed many a lobster. Prepared in a fiery garlic sauce and grilled freshly over some charcoal it was very good.
To close up the evening, we went to the Esplanade boardwalk, found a bar which had comfortable reclining beds, and enjoyed an evening of beer and massage.

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