Relaxing by the Tetons

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It is now just Weronika and I. We have nothing to do, nothing to see, and two days to relax before catching a flight home.

First on the agenda was to move to the campsite. There were no cabin spots left, and luckily our tent has dried up. Problem is we were without a car. We weren’t quite hikers, as our baggage consisted of a rolling carry-on and a small backpack. We stood in line to the campsite behind a pickup truck with a trailer hauling a boat, toting our oversize Walmart sleeping bags and the rest of our firewood atop of our carry-ons. It was a peculiar sight.

Naturally, we went for a hike to see the splendid views of the huge Tetons rising above the lake. We did not walk very far and decided to relax in the grass. It was a pleasant day of reading, writing, napping, and simply enjoying doing nothing.

I was laying on my stomach typing up the words which you are reading on this blog, when all of a sudden two women stopped on the path ahead of us and started frantically pointing in our direction. I turned around to see if there is some kind of beastie behind me. Perhaps a moose, I was hoping. Nothing. I turn back and they are still excitedly hunching and pointing. Then it hit me… I was wearing the coyote hat and they were pointing at me. I slowly raised my head out of the grass and waved to them. Everyone collapsed in laughter.

On the way back to the campsite we stopped at the general store and were pleasantly surprised to find a fully stocked market. Our two week old plan of steak dinner finally came to fruition. Later on, at the campsite, we met another Polish couple with whom we’ve spent the evening by the campfire.

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