Wet and Cold

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The weather is only getting worse. Edek and Basia slept in the car due to the cold. We had some rain at night and unfortunately our tent soaked through the bottom due to lousy drainage on the campsite. We ate another pleasant breakfast in Edek and Basia’s tent and drove off to look at more stinky bubbly springs in another area of the park.

Along the way we hit a traffic jam. From previous days, we knew that people stop here to look at the bison herd which is grazing in the not too distant meadow. Today it was different. The bison decided to parade down the street amongst the cars. It was an unnerving experience. These gigantic bundles of muscle and hair topped with two large horns strolled nonchalantly between the cars, just two feet away from the car. I could count the fleas in his mane as he walked by. We sat still, trying not to make a commotion, lest they panic or even abruptly budge the car. Luckily all ended well and we were able to slowly squeeze through this promenade of giants. However, the memories of this brief encounter will be with us forever.

Edek is quite sick. He has a fever and looks like he would like nothing less than to climb under a warm blanket. Unfortunately, he had no such option and had to fight through it with the help of advil and hot tea.

We spent a few hours walking through the Norris Geyser Basin admiring further variety of bubblers, spouters, streamers, and spurters which dot the landscape.

The plan for the afternoon was to go to Mammoth Springs to see the colorful terraces formed through the precipitating minerals and microbe growths. When we got there, we were disappointed. Apparently the photos on postcards and brochures were taken in the late 70’s, when the springs were producing water and providing the hot environment for the buggies to grow in. However, geologically, things have changed, the springs were rerouted, and the landscape is a set of barren terraces. Some traces of the previous splendor still can be found in one corner of the area, but it is nothing like what it must have been a couple of decades ago.

At night we were supposed to stay in our tent. However, it was still raining and our tent was still wet. Edek and Basia needed to be in Salt Lake City to catch their early afternoon flight. Weronika and I booked a tent cabin in Grant Teton National Park a little south of Yellowstone. It was along the way for our friends with the car and allowed us to escape the weather next to a cozy wood-burning stove.

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