Arriving in Yellowstone

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After a few more hours of driving, the landscape changed dramatically. Instead of the rolling hills and fields which covered much of Idaho, we were now in river and woodland country. We ate lunch on a terrace overlooking a wide meandering river. All that was missing was a fisherman in overalls fly fishing for trout to make a stereotypical landscape.

I have waited a good chunk of my life for this day. Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to go to Yellowstone. I read about it in books and saw it in pictures. Grandest of all, however, it figured in my minds eye.  We arrived at Yellowstone, and after a bit more of a drive through this huge park we made camp.

I was extremely excited to be here. It was one of my childhood dreams to come here and watch the earth be alive. I was giddy with anticipation as we drove towards Old Faithful and the ground steamed all around us.

We got there just in time and the huge geyser erupted to the cheers of the gathered crowds around. I sat there like a kid wondering what else we would get to see over the next few days. We ate some dinner and drank a few beers waiting for the next scheduled eruption. On the way back, I could not wait for the next day to begin so that we could start exploring the smoky, boiling sulphorous landscape more in depth.

We spent the evening sitting around a campfire drinking whiskey and relaxing.

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