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Another early morning greeted us as we made our way in a van through improbably rough terrain. We were driving to the canyon where this mysterious canyoneering was to take place.

With helmets and climbing harnesses, we first made our way up a hillside to get to the top of the canyon. The first part was a short descent down a climbing rope into the narrow crevice. Over the next hour or so we were lowered down on ropes, had to climb down wedged between two walls, scaled over rocks, waded through knee-deep water and even swam through a cold mud-colored pool of water to get down.
The last part of the journey was a rappel down a 90 foot cliff. This is canyoneering, as we found out that day.

Back in town, we caught a tasty lunch while our clothes whirled themselves clean at the local laundromat. We spent the afternoon wandering through Arches National Park to see some of the other wonders this place has to offer. In the evening, we started off on the lengthy drive towards Yellowstone. We stopped somewhere in Idaho after Edek ran out of energy after his heroic drive.

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