Moab: Outdoors Activites Heaven

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Tired, we woke up with six minutes to spare for the continental breakfast. Luckily they let us feast on waffles and cereal well past the cutoff time.

We took a lazy stroll through the town of Moab planning the day’s activities. This city is an outdoors and backcountry sports heaven. Offroading, hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering, rafting, kayaking, skydiving and more await you. It was tough deciding what to do.

We booked a canyoneering trip for the following morning. We weren’t entirely sure what it entailed, but it sounded like a good time. In the evening, Weronika, Edek, and Basia decide to jump out of an airplane. In the meantime, we headed to Arches National Park to see what nature can sculpt.

We took a hike to the Delicate Arch. It is an awesome sight as it precariously balances itself at the edge of a sandstone bowl. Unfortunately we could not see much else today as the plane was departing shortly.

Weronika, Edek and Basia took off for the airport. I needed something to do. I decided to rent out a mountain bike and go offroading.

The bike rental shop dropped the bike off at our hotel. Since I no longer had a car, I had no choice other than biking five miles uphill to the start of the offroad bike trails known as Slick Rock. Before the wheels even got off the paved road, I was out of energy and water. Thankfully, a nice couple of campers from New York offered rehydration so I could wake up and do what I came here to do.

I may not have said this before, but I have never been off-road mountain biking before. The good part is I had a helmet–this offered some peace of mind. The bad part is I was not really sure how much the bike could take before throwing me over the handlebars. I rode the rocky rollercoaster the best I could. I road what my nerves and gravity would allow, and walked the bike the remained of the way. Some of the sloped are unrealistically steep and I wonder how anyone could manage to ride up them without flipping the bike backwards. The sun was getting low in the sky and I did not want to be stuck here in the dark, so I headed home after finishing the first loop of a trail. Even though it was innocently called the “practice loop”, it kicked my butt. I did not take any falls, but had a few close calls. These were not beginner trails, but it definitely opened up my eyes to this fun sport.

The ride back was a delightful downhill five miles. I got to the hotel and relaxed in the pool waiting for the crazies who decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to come back. When they got back we soaked our bones in the hot tub and recalled the day’s adventures.

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