Low Below the Sea Level We Go

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Off to Death Valley we go. The landscape changed dramatically as we drive on. The miles passed quickly under our wheels. The temperature rose steadily. Once we reached 110F we knew we arrived. We stopped for some pictures in a scenic valley and were surprised by military jets about three miles ahead of us, a few hundred feet above the ground. Eerily, they made no sound, which is uncharacteristic of military jets flying this close by.

One of the things we decided to see in Death Valley along the way was Mosaic Canyon. We drive up a boring dirt road and started our hike in. At first it seemed like it was going to be a bit of a disappointment. However, very soon we were treated to a canyon paved in marble. Its smoothly polished curvy sides made up of lightly colored striped marble formed a dreamy landscape.

From then on we continued below sea level through Death Valley. We made a small stop along the way in a disappointing ghost town and tore up the pavement to Las Vegas.

In the evening we strolled through the old Las Vegas strip and caught some dinner. We settled for the night in the giant pyramid-hotel at Luxor.

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