A Perfect Panorama

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After another pleasant yoghurt breakfast, we were off to Yosemite. We arrived at the pleasant town of Groveland and checked into our cabin. This place is quite roomy and cozy. Our hotel standard continues to improve. I wonder how long this will last.

The goal of the day was to see Glacier Point in Yosemite. Everyone who’s been here before us recommended we go there. We headed off.

Along the way we diverted to Tuolumne Grove to see some giant sequoias. At the trailhead we found a familiar face. Dave, our guide from the wine country, has just sent arrived with a tour group from San Francisco. As before, he gave us some helpful pointers about this place.

These trees surely do deserve their moniker. They are simply huge. With their gigantic trunks they support hundreds of feet of red wood and a giant canopy far above the ground. These red giants make you feel tiny standing amongst them. Near the end of a short hike was a fallen trunk of one of these behemoths. Climbing fourteen feet into the air onto its fallen trunk gave us another feel for this tree’s girth. Walking along its trunk gave a more human dimension to their height.

A steep windy road leads dozens of miles uphill to Glacier Point. The road winds amongst pine forests, overlooks magnificent cliffs, and turns onto itself in countless switchbacks. Upon arrival, we were treated with a view that will be hard to forget. From one point you get to see the looming half dome, Yosemite falls, Nevada falls, Vernal falls and vast spans of valleys which make up this park. The setting sun washed panorama in warm golden colors.

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