Garlic Ice Cream

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Another day and the tradition is starting to set in. It started with a straight-up delicious bread, cheese, and yoghurt breakfast immediately followed by the impossibly curvy Lombard Street. A steady procession of cars winds down the flower covered switchbacks of Lombard Street, as tourists climb up and down the stairs of the sidewalks. Living here must be quite an experience.

We headed off to Chinatown, hooking by the Coit Tower for a bit of exercise and views of the city. One of the highlights of the day was a stop at the Stinky Rose, a restaurant that serves everything garlic. Not being particularly hungry, we tried the fabled garlic ice cream. Wow! Who would have thought that this would work was either nuts or a genius. It is actually really good (according to 75% of the people). This was a highlight of the day. We also bought a bottle of garlic wine, so stay tuned for the reports of what that tastes like.

Edek and I had the worst experience at Fox car rentals at San Francisco Airport. After enduring an hour and a half wait in line, watching the attendants move around like flies in tar, we found out that the car we reserved was not available. They gave us one which did not fit our luggage with no offer of upgrade. The car they did manage to get us was late and the entire experience was frustrating. I will not rent from Fox car rentals again and recommend that if anyone is looking for a car, they do not either.

Since we had some time, we decided to make an impromptu trip up to the Muir Forrest. It was a good decision. The majestically tall redwoods that grow here make you feel small and insignificant. It is a sight to see.

Dinner was pleasant and the Burmese flat noodles with lemongrass, chives, and other deliciousness were incredible. Unfortunately, on our way to Yosemite we learned that the cottage we had reserved got rented out to someone else, as they could not get us on the phone. We were effectively homeless as there were no vacancies to be found near Yosemite on this Saturday night. Luckily, we found a pleasant motel to catch some shut eye.

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