The Bridge and the Prison

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With everyone together at last, we were now ready to take on the city. The day started with some tasty cheeses we bought in wine country. With some tasty crispy bread it was an ideal breakfast. This is likely to become the norm for the remainder of the trip.

We took a long walk down to the civic center, artsy Mission and fabulous Castro. We conquered hills, took in vistas, and admired the colorful flora. After a delicious Thai lunch in Castro, we took a trolley down to Fisherman’s Wharf to get some bikes.

Off we went. Against the wind, up hill both ways, some people in the group lamented that we did not take the lazy wait out and rented out electric bikes. However, I won’t say who it was since I promise Edek that I would keep it a secret.

As we got closer to the giant red bridge, the views got better and better. The giant red bridge really does have something to it, situated between two tall ridges across the golden gate inlet. Unfortunately, like the rest of San Francisco, it is covered in haze and clouds this time of the year.

We crossed the bridge, all the while dodging disoriented tourists and coasted down to the Sausalito waterfront. We caught the ferry just in time to make it back to catch the next one heading off to Alcatraz.

The rock was better than I thought. I did not have big expectations of the prison, but it turned out to be more interesting than anticipated. Everyone has heard about this place and perhaps even saw the escape movie. However, seeing it in person makes a much bigger impression. Life was not pretty here.

The night ended with a delicious dinner at a Pakistani restaurant, followed by curry and tandori dreams.

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