Wines and Wonderful Weather

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Wine tasting it is. Edek and Basia do not arrive until the evening, so we climbed into a van with our tour guide Dave and headed north to snuffy Napa and earthy Sonoma. The wine was good and plentiful. Wineries and vineyards all around. We drove and tasted and listened to Dave regal us with his stories of the area and of his years as a tour guide in places far and near.

In the evening we took a stroll along the coast from the tourist infested Fisherman’s wharf down to the Ferry Building which was said to be a foodie’s paradise. Unfortunately, when we arrived all the boutique food vendors and delicacy pushers shuttered their gates for the night. We still cannot believe how incredibly cold it is, especially along the waterfront. We had no choice but to take the iconic San Francisco cable car up the hill to Chinatown.

Speaking of the cable cars, I cannot imagine how this little tradition continues to exist. People hanging off the side and no one fell of and sued! Unimaginable in this country.

We ate some mediocre food in Chinatown and headed home. Edek and Basia arrived in the middle of the night.

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